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See the brilliant Gumbox chewing gum bins

The brilliant new GUMBOX is here at last. The best chewing gum bin on the market at present. Designed to be the smallest and most versatile chewing gum bin available today, the GUMBOX  can be placed in lots of areas to make it incredibly easy for people to discard their chewing gum cleanly and conveniently, with the added advantage that it can be personalised to your premises, whether you want to promote a health message or simply advertise your latest event. Choose from lots of standard designs or visit the  GUMBOX  website to learn how to design your own Click here...  GUMBOX .

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Gum Wraps Pack of 10 Books

Gum Wraps Pack of 10 Books£7.50   £3.99

Gum Wraps. 10 books of 15 sheets

Gumbox Brand

Gumbox Brand£3.50

GUMBOX branded

Gumbox Daffodil

Gumbox Daffodil£3.50

GUMBOX with a Dafodil

Gumbox Love Learn

Gumbox Love Learn£3.50

GUMBOX with a simple message  'Love where you learn'

Gumbox Love Play

Gumbox Love Play£3.50

GUMBOX with a simple message  'Love where you play'

Gumbox Love Work

Gumbox Love Work£3.50

GUMBOX with a simple message  'Love where you work'

Gumbox Poppy

Gumbox Poppy£3.50

GUMBOX with a Poppy

Gumbox Teasel

Gumbox Teasel£3.50

GUMBOX with a Teasel

Gumbox Tropical

Gumbox Tropical£3.50

GUMBOX with a Tropical Flower

Gumbox Tube Refils

Gumbox Tube Refils£2.50   £1.80

GUMBOX replacement Tube
Gumbox Your Own Logo

Gumbox Your Own Logo£3.50   £2.62

GUMBOX with your own logo

Page 1 of 1:    11 Items