Bin4Gum Bin your Gum

The great [BIN]4GUM making a limited return. This great chewing gum bin first released in 2006 is very robust and designed for areas where you may need a bit of strength. Its outer holder is made from steel with a tough inner liner that can be re used up to three times and is easily replaceable. The [BIN]4GUM is also cost effective and can be placed in many different areas making it very versatile and excellent for getting people to discard their chewing gum in a clean and effective way

NB The Bin[4]Gum Please note this is now discontinued, with only a very small number remaining

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Gum Wraps Pack of 10 Books

Gum Wraps Pack of 10 Books£4.99  -  £39.95

Gum Wraps. 10 books of 15 sheets

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